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Find Installment Loans for Bad Credit in Emergencies

Our installment loan offers convenience and much more. You can apply for and receive loans saving you lots of time and effort; you can even do it at your leisure from the comfort of home. You just need to access our website.

Okaycreditloan.com offers multiple loans for the benefit of customers. However, the loan that has always grabbed the attention of most customers and those in need of urgent money is the installment loan. We have a simplified process, and the application form available online requires just basic information, sufficient to judge the customer’s repayment capability and credentials. In most cases, these loans are made available to our customers within a working day.

The Financial Crisis and It’s Consequences

A tremendous number of people got into financial trouble when the unexpected problems on Wall Street created widespread unemployment. Families that had previously had few financial problems suddenly found themselves unable to meet their financial obligations. Many lost their homes and a substantial amount found that their credit cards were not quite the easy credit they thought they were. Any balance at the month end incurs a high interest rate and lots of people reached their credit limits without being able to pay off any significant part of the debt.

Get a Budget and Follow It

Previously unblemished credit histories were ruined. It highlighted the need for families to plan, to have a budget and stick to it. There are plenty of people still looking to emerge from those dark days and preparing a budget is a good start. Families that once again have regular income should know where they are going and that means a budget with income and expenditure clearly identified. Their best route out of debt is often to attempt to repay debt incurring high interest each month by taking out an installment loan which spreads the load over a fixed period. It still requires discipline but the monthly repayment put into the budget is a way to somehow lighten the load because it is identifiable.

Applying Online With Simple Application Process

Getting such a loan requires the borrower to complete the application form online with the relevant personal and financial details. You can be assured of the absolute confidentiality of the information you share with us. In fact, all the details are secured with the latest security measures, one of them being encryption technology.

Once submitted, the application form is verified by the lenders before approving the application. As soon as that is done the funds are directly wired into the checking account mentioned in your application form. All this takes around 24 hours, provided you have provided the correct information and documentation as requested. One of the lender’s staff will contact you to explain the details of the personal installment loans for bad credit. This will include the terms and conditions, the repayment plan, interest rates applicable and penalty charges if you fail to keep up repayment of the loan installments on the due dates.

Getting installment loans can be a lot easier if you have a high credit score. However, in the event that you have a bad credit score, you can still qualify for the installment loans provided you agree to a slightly higher interest rate and tougher lending terms. We take great care in choosing the best lenders who offer the most reasonable interest rates for the bad credit borrowers. We do a complete review of all our applicants and their financial worthiness in order to offer them as much relief possible.

Talk It Over With Lender

What makes us unique is the fact that the short-term installment loans that you take from us do not require a complete one-time repayment that includes the principal amount and interest on the due date. Instead we ensure that the experts will get in touch with you for a personalized payment plan as per your financial status. You can pay over a period of time in small installments. At times of crisis when you are unable to make the repayments you can always request a loan extension. We take great measures and cover that extra mile to help our customers in financial distress. You should always inform us in advance of any problems so that we can help out as needed.

We Are Here to Help

Improving your credit score which is a reflection of your credit history is a slow process. However the impact of any blemishes in your history reduces over the years. At the same time if you are making timely repayments of an installment loan every month, as well as your other bills, you will gain more credibility with time. We are here to help and encourage you toward a brighter future. We are not suggesting that everything is easy but we will certainly play our part in providing you with the loans to move forward.