Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy defines the rules, which govern the usage of information available on the website, and then save the rights and ensure the security of information of the visitors.

Agreement & Acknowledgement can be used by individuals who have attained the age of 18 years and are the citizen of the US. Anyone visiting the site for the first time is requested to go through the terms of use stated and regulations to abide by the policies defined for the usage of the site. Anyone agreeing to the terms and the policy is allowed to visit the site and use it for their convenience. However, individuals who do not agree to the terms or do not comply with the basic eligibility criteria for surfing the site are advised to keep away from accessing the site.

Notification of changes

Our website is subject to changes and updates. These changes may or may not have an effect on the viewing practices related to the site. However, we reserve the right to make necessary changes to the site as and when deemed correct. We make every effort to inform our visitors regarding any changes initiated in the privacy policy. At the same time, we request our viewers to keep visiting the site for the recent updates in the policies associated with its operations.

Personal Information Collection

In order to check the performance of the site, we will require the personal information of the visitors. We might gather this information from various sources, which may or may not include the ones mentioned below. We may ask our visitors to provide us with information related to their SSN, Name, Address, contact details, IP address, and employer’s details. In some of the cases, we might require your financial information related to your back account details, net income per month and so on. We may use the data to communicate with our visitors as and when required.

Other vendors and our responsibility

Third parties and other affiliates of ours may be spotted on the website. These are for the convenience of visitors to our site. However, we strongly urge our visitors to go through the affiliate and third party sites before executing any business with them. These sites are governed by their own individual policies, and we do not hold any responsibility for them.

Information collection from minors

We strictly maintain not to collect any information related to the minors defined as the individuals below the age group of 18yrs. However, if you come across any of the cases where the information of any minor is known to have been collected by us, contact us and we shall delete the same.