Rates and Fees

At Okaycreditloan.com, we offer the credit matching services for our customers keeping in mind the users’ interest, and that too free of any charges. Whenever you want to explore the bad credit loan options that can help you meet your financial obligations, whatever need it may be, you can log on to our website and fill out your details.

There is no charge for applying through our site and all the fees and charges that you will incur will be after the approval of your application and is directly linked with the lenders’ terms and conditions. You should understand these well, before signing the loan document.

What You Pay

This is clearly dependent on many factors that relate to the borrowers’ situations and the lenders terms and conditions. These include:

Credit scores – Though these loans will not be disapproved for borrowers with less than perfect credit scores, the interest charged will depend on your actual score. Those with a very bad credit history are charged a much higher interest rate than those with good credit scores.

Market conditions –The interest rates vary from state to state, and hence what borrowers may pay in one state may be higher or lower than that of another state or the country’s average interest rate.

The Amount borrowed, and the tenure – Depending on the loan amount and the repayment tenure, the interest charged will vary accordingly.

Other Factors- Other personal factors that relate to the borrower like, employment history- organization currently working for and current debt status – will determine the rate of interest charged. However, these loans can help you repair your credit score, by paying off the smaller loans regularly. Then slowly your credit score will improve and you will be able to refinance your debt at lower interest rates.